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Special Report: Is Sampling Dead?

How greenbacks and red tape are tearing the heart out of hip-hop.

Stories I've Written

RZA: Beyond Shaolin

Wu-Tang Clan impresario comes clean on his plans for the future.

Stories I've Written

Art Company, Inc.

The history that once defined Pittsburgh and the questions that nearly every Rust Belt city faces.


This is what bureaucracy looks like

jan banning_bureaucracy

What does bureaucracy look like?

“Six years ago, photographer Jan Banning sat, stumped by this question. The self-declared anarchist had been given what seemed ‘the most horrible assignment of my entire life:’ A magazine had asked him to illustrate decentralization of administration in Mozambique.” Read More »


Arts Community Targeted During G20 Enforcement Sweeps

On Wednesday night, Erin Carey ‚Äî a 31-year-old aerialist/trapeze artist who performs with the Zany Umbrella Circus ‚Äî found herself surrounded by law enforcement officers as she attempted to enter the circus‚Äôs studio space located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Some of the officers were Pittsburgh Police, others she couldn‚Äôt identify. Carey had just parked her car in front of the Lawrenceville Corporation offices on 43rd street, and began walking toward the Zany Umbrella studio when approximately a dozen officers approached her. Read More »