Call For Submissions: Death Of A Good Job

In June of 2009, while on vacation in the Pennsylvania mountains with my wife and three-year-old son, I received a phone call from my employer informing me that I no longer had a job. Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience in a three-part essay series titled “Death of a Good Job” for Thought Catalog. I’m currently at work collecting the essays into a zine/micro memoir, and I want to do so in a way that contrasts my individual experience with those of others who have lost jobs in recent years.

Call for submissions: Looking for personal stories from individuals who lost a job in the months and/or years following the stock market crash of 2008. The submissions will be edited and published in the epilogue to Death of a Good Job, a zine/micro memoir that will be independently published sometime in 2012.

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Made You Look

The Most Dangerous Breakfast in America

Breakfast death game: Bacon vs. Gun. Read More »

Consumer Cult

When Slugs Rule The World

Walmart needs to adopt Slug CEO (pictured) as their corporate mascot. This yellow-skinned, pipe-smoking millionaire is adorable. I’m assuming the illustrator’s intent was to portray a sloth-like image with this darling gentleman, but that innocent smile just makes me (and the rest of America) want to buy plush versions for the kids. Hope there’s a price rollback in my future. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street

The Social Contract Between Citizens And Police

Lt. John Pike invades Pablo Picasso's Guernica. (Image via Tumblr)

I’ve been reading criminal defense lawyer blogs for years now. It’s an important perspective to have, and it’s a useful reminder about things that have come to the national consciousness lately have long been important issues for people in the trenches. Read More »

Video Vault

Noam Chomsky On The Cult Of American Sports

In this clip from the documentary Manufacturing Consent (1992), Noam Chomsky talks sports and the “indoctrination system” it encourages. It’s an argument that, back in 2005, the Free Republic found laughable, just another “example of the faux-intellectualism we see everyday from the left”: Read More »