Altered States Of America

The World’s Most Dangerous Day Camp

In the Altered States of America, warped perceptions are king and melodrama runs high. In this original series from Brooklyn-based illustrator Mike Reddy and writer Matthew Newton, a new short story is published each day throughout the month of July.

The news reports made it sound like we had planned to send our children to a day camp run by the nation’s most notorious militia. But the brochure for States’ Rights Adventure Camp said nothing about marksmanship classes or survivalist training. My wife and I knew that character building would be an integral part of our childrens’ experience at this exclusive month-long camp, but had we known that camp founder Josiah Miller’s “Guiding Principles for the Youth of America” was more commonly referred to as “Miller’s Manifesto,” we might have had second thoughts. Imagine our surprise when, during our post-raid debriefing, an ATF agent showed us the camp curriculum that included classes such as “Shopping Tips for the New World Order,” “How to Prepare for the Coming Race War,” and “Cyanide 101: Best Kept Secrets.” How could this happen? Our friends in the local Wine Taster’s Society had raved about this camp!

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