A visit to Cairns and a swim at the Great Barrier Reef

After my whirlwind trip around Australia for my “24 hours in…” blog, I was definitely in need of some “me” time. Although the travelling is great, so many different cities in such a short space of time makes one tired.

I had hope that my trip to Newcastle would be a nice break, but as soon as I decided to turn in into a “24 hours in…” trip, it all became a bit manic again, although I didn’t want it to. Don’t get me wrong, I am having so much fun, but now I want my trip to start to feel like a relaxed holiday.

For this reason, I decided to go to Cairns and visit the Great Barrier Reef. It is something I have always wanted to see in person and here was my chance. What a better way to finally relax with some snorkelling in those beautiful, crystal clear waters.

The case of the choker necklace and the curious fish

I had booked a snorkeling trip for my first morning in Cairns. On the boat out to the our diving spot on the Great Barrier Reef I met Veronica, an English backpacker. She was over for a year long trip through Australia. chocker swimWe hit it off immediately. She was extremely attractive and wore a beautiful choker necklace that would become the subject of much mirth later in the day.

Our first dive was everything I thought it would be and more. Myself and Veronica has decided to be dive buddies. We saw a beautiful array of corals, fish, turtles and all sorts of marine life. The fish were drawn to Veronica’s choker and kept trying to get close to it. This was funny when it was only small fish, but as soon as any bigger ones came along, Veronica freaked out! I don’t really blame her as there were some doozies out there!

A proper Aussie barbeque

We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the boat in the sun and diving at another dive spot. I managed to find a nice piece of loose coral that I am going to take home as a momento. Both Veronica and myself were super excited when we saw a clown fish. clown fishI guess we had found Nemo! We were a little worried when we saw two reef shark, but our diving instructor had told us that they were harmless. They just cruised up and down for a period before swimming into the blue yonder.

That night we had a great beach barbeque with all manner of seafood dishes to eat. We really had a great time and danced the night away.