Well it was coming to an end, but I had one last Australian city to spend a day in, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.   I was extremely sad that my trip was ending but at the same time it had awakened in me the desire to continue travelling and move from mainstream journalism into travel journalism.

While on the five hour flight I decided a few things.  Firstly, I really needed a new travel wallet.   My old one was around ten years old and needed replacing. I’d recently seen a stylish leather passport wallet and decided it was the right time to buy.  Secondly, all the good food, desserts, wine and beer had taken their toll on my body.  I needed to do something and soon!

While walking through the airport after landing at Hobart, I noticed a sport shop that sold a huge range of fitness bands.  I had seen them before, and they are a great, low impact exercise.  They would be perfect to fit in my travel case, so I bought a set which will travel with me on all my future trips.

My 24 hours in Hobart went a little like this…



I caught a cab to my Hotel which was fairly near the airport.   After unpacking I walked around the Hotel for a time and returned to my room.  I had planned a big day for my final day in Australia, so I went to bed fairly early.


I had arranged for breakfast to be brought by room service.  I was awake and ready by the time they knocked on the door.   I headed to the Hobart Waterfront and Sullivan’s Cove.  The first order of the day was a little cruise!



I hopped aboard a luxury catamaran and cruised the waters around Hobart, taking in the fantastic views, wildlife and beauty of the area.  It was a time to relax and enjoy this incredible part of the world, enjoy the company of fellow travelers and soak up some sun.  The four hour cruise was over in the blink of an eye unfortunately.



I hired a car and drove out to Mount Wellington, around 20km from Hobart.  The mountain is around 1200 meters above sea level so it gives amazing views of the surrounding country, with Hobart in the distance.


My final destination on the last day of my Australian trip was the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I spent a good few hours walking around, taking in the beauty of the gardens and thinking back over my trip.  Would I do it again?  For sure!  In fact, I have already thought of a few places I would want to undertake the same type of trip to.


I returned to the hotel to pack for the final time.  A long flight back to the States lay ahead.  Leaving a country that you have travelled through is never easy, but they make imprints on your soul you will never forget!

Thanks Australia, you left many imprints on my soul!  I will be