Sydney, Australia!   What a town!  A dream for any traveler, I really have had such a blast here.

Sydney was my first stop on my Australian tour, where I would spend 24 hours in a city and document the things I got up to as a form of a travel guide.

It was a long flight from the States, so by the time I got to the Hotel, I just wanted to relax and unwind before I started my sightseeing.

I quickly unpacked and came down to the bar for a quick beer before resting up for my big day the next day.

First impressions of Sydney, well the hotel bar certainly drew me in.  It has these beautiful chrome bar stools, with padded cushions, they were really comfortable.  I chatted with the bartender and he suggested I play some music.  They have a record player and about 100 records.  They encourage patrons to choose music that they would want to listen to.  It didn’t take me long and soon I had some Springsteen blaring across the room! This guy was super interesting and I asked where he’d come up with the idea. He told me that in his day job he was starting a few businesses. The first is the supremely cool Rockit Record Players which sells turntables online to a growing audience who are loving bringing the record player back into style. His other store is the very funky Boho Bar Stools which just focuses on bar stools and nothing else. He’s hoping to leave his job in bartending soon when the stores start making more money.

I really had trouble leaving the bar, it was such a great vibe that just drew you in, but I had to rest before my big day in Sydney.

My 24 hours in Sydney went a little like this…



I headed out to find some early morning breakfast.  I found a local “greasy spoon” as we say in the States.  They serve the biggest breakfasts I have ever seen. I opted for the “Monster” – 3 eggs, 5 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, a small steak, fried tomato, mushrooms and bottomless coffee.  My stomach was certainly lined for the rest of the day!  I had to make sure I was prepared.  Sydney was going to be the real party city on my Australian tour.


I headed out for some sightseeing.  There is so much to see and do in Sydney.  I have limited time so I can’t take it all in but I managed to get to Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House before noon.   Bondi was amazing, lots of beautiful people sun tanning, surfing and having a good time.  Although opera is not my thing, I was totally blown away by the Opera House.  It is so beautiful, a incredible piece of architecture.


I grabbed some small salad for lunch at a cafe in Darling Street and could not help getting something sweet from Adrian Zumbo’s Patisserie.


cafe-sydney-captures[1]I was told by the owner of the cafe that I need to take a ferry trip across the harbor.  What a great experience that was.  Although the wind had come up a bit and we all got a little wet, the trip offers amazing view of the Sydney skyline and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I did a few more tourist things in the harbor afterwards; it really is a great place.


I was back in the hotel for a little nap and to clean up for the big evening ahead!  I also made a quick stop at my favorite hotel bar to play a few more records!


During the course of the day I had booked supper at Kingley’s Australian Steakhouse on King’s street.  This street is filled with amazing restaurants, cafes and street food vendors.   I had such an incredible meal; the steak was done to perfection, rare, just how I like it!

11pm till 6am

WHAT A NIGHT! I started out in King’s Cross, a real hub of vibrant Sydney nightlife.  I thought I would try out some live music first and came across a little pub with a great solo performer.  While at the pub, I ended up chatting to a group of backpackers.  They were from all over, South Africa, Germany, England and Argentina.  What a great bunch.  We ended up going to a couple of trendy bars and a few clubs.  I took it easy, I still have the whole trip ahead of me, but I made some good friends.

Next up Melbourne

This afternoon I fly off to Melbourne where I will be looking into the coffee culture and the cuisine it has to offer.