Star Spangled Bummer

State of Emergency, McDonald’s Edition

This is what post-election drama in the Rust Belt looks like:

The American flag is flying upside down and at half staff at a McDonald’s about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, in Follansbee, WV. We’re told it was the owner’s decision, and we’re trying to track him down to find out his reasons. The pic here is obviously getting a lot of strong reaction. What do you think of this display?

[via WPXI]

Cultural Notebook

Larry Clark: The Devil Down in Tulsa

“i was born in tulsa oklahoma in 1943. when i was sixteen i started shooting amphetamine. i shot with my friends everyday for three years and then left town but i’ve gone back through the years. once the needle goes in it never comes out.” -Larry Clark

Culture Broke

We Are Doomed: The History Gap

The Gap attempts an apology for its “Manifest Destiny” t-shirt. Perhaps the following wording would have been more honest: “We are also focusing on how we select product designs in the future, and asking that our designers have a loose grasp of history. Or we are at least asking that they have the ability to conduct a successful Google search.” Read More »

Dear Diary

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Last week was a low point, both financially and mentally. Dropped $3000 in car repairs, which may very well be my financial undoing. Getting shaken down for this much money in the run up to the holidays doesn’t make the situation any better. So when a friend posted this image of vintage food stamps (pictured) on Facebook this morning, it reminded me how much my savings have depleted during the recession, and how close I live to the edge of potential poverty. Read More »

Star Spangled Bummer

Politics in the Age of Nonsense

After last night’s debate, I’m no longer undecided. The choice is clear.